Prince Valiant Is Back!

Back in July 2016 (why does that feel so long ago?), I posted about the Kickstarter for a new edition of Greg Stafford's other Arthurian RPG, Prince Valiant.

The game is now complete and unleashed into the world. As I reported at the time, I was lucky enough to be chosen for inclusion in the Episodes Book companion volume. This is a collection of 34 scenarios for Prince Valiant (or adaptable for your King Arthur Pendragon games too, I dare say), penned by a wide variety of writers and game designers. Just being featured on this list alongside such esteemed personages is truly an honor.

A sneak peek at my contribution.

A sneak peek at my contribution.

This new edition would not have been possible without Stewart Wieck, about whom more in a forthcoming post. For now, I'll just say, "Thanks, Stewart. You are missed."

Now go forth and treat yourself to some gorgeous Hal Foster art coupled with a bit of revolutionary game design!

Prince Valiant Core Book

Prince Valiant Episodes Book