Kickstarter Alert: Prince Valiant

Full Disclosure: I have done work for Nocturnal Media in the past and have a couple projects for them in the pipeline. However, I am not involved in any way with this project apart from being an enthusiastic booster and backer.

ETA: This has since changed; see my later post for more details.

Take  that , you Saxon scum!

Take that, you Saxon scum!

I'm a total geek for Arthurian RPGs. In addition to my extensive collection of King Arthur Pendragon RPG materials, I also own the original and recently re-released editions of Hidden Kingdom (which I hope to actually play one day...). But one feather remains missing from my cap: Greg Stafford's other Arthurian RPG, Prince Valiant, long out-of-print and very spendy on the secondary market.

You can imagine my delight, then, when the announcement went out that a new edition is Kickstarter-ing. Not only that, but it will be packed full to the crenelations with gorgeous full-color Hal Foster art.

The Kickstarter is off to a great start, with stretch goals unlocking additional content (penned by a variety of veteran game writers) opening up even as I type.

Lots more details on the system and philosophies behind Prince Valiant, a game way ahead of its time, can be found at Greg Stafford's site.