The Uresia Hack?

Long-time readers of my internet ramblings will know that S. John Ross's world of Uresia is my metaphorical Great White Whale of fantasy settings. Originally developed and published for the Big Eyes, Small Mouth anime RPG and now available as a systemless guidebook, I've run games set in the world of Uresia using BESM, the Rules Cyclopedia, and Pathfinder. All attempts were, in their own ways, successful, yet none really did it for me. In the case of BESM and Pathfinder, it was simply me not caring for the system itself (finding both to be too crunchy for my tastes); in the case of the Rules Cyclopedia, it was too many modifications required to properly capture in the mechanics Uresia's blend of 8-bit JRPGs, anime, classic fantasy tropes, and Ross's patented brand of big-hearted whimsy.

From time to time, as a sort of idle larf, I've taken a look at a variety of other possible systems over the years: everything from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy to Ross's Risus RPG to Dungeon World. GURPS ultimately proved too rooted in "believability" in its mechanical approaches, while Risus was just a bit too rules-lite for my tastes. Dungeon World looked to be the best bet, particularly with the release of the excellent Class Warfare supplement and its details on creating new and custom playbooks. But there remained some lingering doubts on my part that prevented me from diving in to a full-throated conversion project.

Enter The Black Hack.

This stripped-down mod of D&D, blending old and new mechanics, has been getting a lot of attention lately, and rightfully so. It hits a nice sweet spot between simplicity and crunch, and--most importantly--is eminently mod-able. So much so that the Internet has been downright flooded with hacks of the Hack, as it were.

One that particularly caught my eye is The Anime Hack--in particular, its suggestion that "[t]he Black Hack is not required, but it is awesome and would add a lot to your experience...". Hm! Interesting!

This then got me thinking: using a combined Anime/Black Hack to power a Uresia campaign...