[Savage Rifts] Mapping Dinosaur Swamp: Georgia

As I wrote about last week, I'll be running my inaugural Savage RIFTS campaign in the Dinosaur Swamp region, specifically in and around the former state of Georgia.

As I'm entering final preparations for the campaign, I figured I should probably put together a regional map, both because I find the maps in the Dinosaur Swamp sourcebook sorely lacking and because, with the 100-meter sea level rise I apply to "my" version of RiftsWorld, the coastline is substantially changed from canon.

I spent a couple hours noodling around in Photoshop yesterday, and here's what I came up with:

I might have gotten a little carried away...

I put in the old state boundaries mostly just for my own reference--they'd be meaningless to anyone other than a Rogue Scholar or such in-game. I didn't worry too much about reproducing the course of rivers exactly, as the Cataclysm would have certainly reshaped riverbeds.

I should probably brighten up the hexes just a bit for better readability, but in all honesty I'm not even sure how much utility they'll be in actual play. I mean, a 5-mile hex doesn't mean much if you can fly right through it! They're there mostly to give me a sense of scale. On the other hand, I'm thinking about using the old "Random Ruins and Relics" table from the Wilderlands of High Fantasy boxed set to generate, well, ruins and relics in the swamp, so there might actually be some room for hex-crawling in this campaign!

At the end of the day, this map may not be of much utility at all, but it's certainly evocative to me at least, and I think my players will dig it too.

Next up on the cartographical agenda is a rough map of the ruins of Atlanta. If I produce something other than random scribbles, I'll be sure to post it here.