Posting Schedule and Blogging Agenda

One of my objectives with setting up was to get back on the blogging horse. I started my old blog, The RPG Corner, more or less on a whim back in 2008 (back when I was known to go by the nom de Internet of "shiro") and never really had any theme or plan when it came to posting. At the time, I had enough stuff bouncing around in my head that it all just flowed out quite of its own accord.

But, as the steady decline in posting frequency over there indicates, that lack of focus and schedule eventually took its toll. Thus, I'm hitting the reset button and starting fresh with this blog.

And, well, I've been at this for a couple-three weeks now and have got a few posts under my belt, so I think I can go ahead and formalize my posting schedule plans and have a reasonable expectation that I'll be able to stick to them (for the most part).

  • Tuesdays are earmarked for posts in which I muse about things relating to RPGs and tabletop gaming. Games I'm excited about, campaign plans, agendas, and so forth. I will also use Tuesdays as my platform for announcing upcoming projects and publications, and perhaps posting excerpts, designer's notes, or other additional information from said works.
  • Thursdays are my day for posting game-mechanical crunch (characters, monsters, and so forth) or otherwise making general administrative announcements (as with this post).

I'm excited to be blogging again--writing on The RPG Corner really was the beginning of the journey that ultimately led to me deciding to get into the gaming industry on a professional footing--and the schedule is so far proving an excellent way of maintaining focus. I've got a nice little backlog of drafts queued up, and lots of stuff to share.

Here's to many more posts to come!

One last note: I'm planning on attending Chupacabracon in Austin, Texas this weekend. I'll be driving in on Friday and driving back Sunday afternoon, so it'll be a bit of a whirlwind trip, but I'm hoping to play in a Savage RIFTS game as well as a session of Sean and Robin Bircher's "The King is Dead" setting.

If you see me, feel free to say hi--I'll be the guy wearing the Esoteric Order of Roleplayers shirt (yes, I have one for each day...).