Old Habits

I love gaming with folks who are new to the hobby.

Not only is it a lot of fun to vicariously experience their thrill of discovering this new thing that they love doing, but it often serves as an interesting reminder of how I was when I was first starting out. This includes old habits that perhaps were unfairly allowed to lapse.

I've got a player in my Sunday group who loves making characters. For example, during our run of the Great Pendragon Campaign, she spent a day while she was sick in bed simply rolling up all the knights in her extended family. (This had the practical benefit of providing her with a pool of backup characters that lasted the rest of the campaign.)

As enjoyable as it's been to see her enthusiasm on display from afar, it's also reminded me that I used to be just like her. I used to roll up or design characters just for the fun of it. I even developed a filing system (of sorts), keeping them in an old shoebox that eventually turned into a general archive of papers from campaigns of my youth (and which I still have to this day!).

Making characters for fun isn't just a great way to spend a sick day, either. It teaches you the system. It provides you with a stock collection of characters to use either as a player or GM. It familiarizes you with the setting. It fires creativity.

In the spirit of reconnecting with old habits, I'm going to start making characters just for the fun of it and posting them here on this blog, my very own "digital shoebox." (Please feel free to steal said characters and use them as you wish.)

Another old habit I'm trying to reconnect with, inspired by recent musings on Palladium's Mystic China sourcebook, is reading gaming books with no ulterior motive. This is something else I used to do all the time, and something that fell by the wayside as busy adulthood asserted itself. But I once again find myself with a compelling reason to read widely of gaming books: as a professional creator, it's important for me to examine what other people are writing, and how they write it.

This part may not translate into blog posts quite as clearly as my character creation project, but I imagine I will occasionally be inspired to write about something or other based on stuff that I read.

Stay tuned!